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Custom software that solves your business problems

Published: 12 March 2021

What is a dedicated software?

Dedicated software is applications, programs and IT systems that are created from the ground up. Business software is designed for a company and tailored to solve a problem for an internal user or an external client or customer. As a result, it can be patented, branded and also monetised. Features can be developed to solve problems that other generic software can’t do. This software can be created in house, but is generally created by external software houses, working alongside your business.

Custom software that solves your problems.

In growing and developing your business, you’ve more than likely had several occasions where you’ve needed specialised software to achieve the desired outcome.

And there’s every chance that you’ve not been able to find that software.

While there is a wide range of powerful tools on the market that do various jobs, not all these tools are built to work with each other. This can create inefficiencies and growth pains for many businesses relying on purpose-built and readily available software.

You employ specialists because of their education, skills, experience and insight. So why do they spend their time doing mundane and repetitive tasks, when their time is better spent closing deals, creating code or spreading brand awareness?

At DONE, we specialise in creating custom-built software that connects all these platforms, with the sole purpose of enabling the smooth daily operation of your business. We get to know your business, the problems and inefficiencies you’re fighting with, and develop purpose-built software to solve those problems.

Done software

Dedicated software removes business bottlenecks.

Specialised software frees up the time of your talented individuals and can help automate repetitive tasks. This means less time is spent on data entry or copy/pasting, and more time spent impacting your business’s bottom line.

Our team of professional consultants and developers work closely with you to understand the custom software solution you need to make and why you need it. In understanding this, we can create a more comprehensive solution that can make a real difference in your company’s daily operations.

Modern technology and the IoT (Internet of things) are changing how we buy and sell products and services and interact with loved ones and live our daily lives. Our team helps your business stay true to the event changing landscape by developing software that allows your staff or clients to reach their goals and solve problems quicker and easier.

Custom-built software can be the difference your company needs to create smoother and more efficient internal processes to get ahead in a competitive and saturated market. By solving the right problems in the right areas, your business can gather momentum and gain a competitive edge over your rivals.

Make growing and scaling as smooth as possible.

If your business is starting to see the benefits of your hard work in the form of increased sales, revenue or brand awareness, you must keep this momentum up.

Sales cycles, marketing funnels, recruitment chains and other internal processes often use a stack of different types of ‘out of the box’ software. However, not all that software is designed to speak with other software in your stack. If your business wants to keep growing and scaling exponentially, it’s essential that this software and processes that use this software be as smooth and efficient as possible.

By using custom business software, you’ll also save money. If your operational costs are blowing out of proportion, and you can’t seem to find where all your cash flow is going, our bespoke software can help you lower your dependence on outdated technology or technology that’s not designed for the purpose you’re using it.

One of the most dangerous sayings in business is ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’. If your existing digital tools are based on old technology or outdated practices, then you’re leaving money at the door. Adapting to the changing landscape of business keeps you competitive.

As you recruit more talent, you’ll need to introduce them to your company’s software to get the job done. Don’t make your latest talent use digital software that’s clunky to use, overly complex to learn or out of sync with your business goals. Use a custom-built software solution that’s made front the ground up with your business goals as the primary focus.

Are your salespeople slow to respond to leads because they’re too busy reporting their last closed deal? Stop giving potential customers to the competition, and give your sales team access to the right data, and an optimised way of reporting by using a bespoke software solution created specifically for your sales team and their processes. Spend less time on paperwork, and more time closing the deals that keep your business growing.

Done software

Custom software. Consider it DONE

Whether it’s your own idea that doesn’t exist or a simple way to connect two different pieces of existing software, we can help turn that idea into reality. We specialise in creating software that’s effortless to use and connects vital pieces of complex back-end software that’s built from the ground up, specifically for your business and it’s goals.

The DONE team consists of software developers and business specialists with a wide range of previous experience and an even bigger skillset. We stay on top of the latest software development trends and know how to use industry-standard solutions and cutting-edge technology to solve your business problems.

Beginning with an initial consultation, our business specialists will understand your existing problems and pain points. Then, over a series of workshops and feedback sessions, you’ll be presented with a wireframe of your business software, an outline of the technology being used, and a timeline for its development and implementation.

Once your custom software has been developed, we perform extensive testing and analysis to ensure that it’s safe and protects your business from online threats, but also easy enough for DONE or another trusted software developer to maintain and fine-tune the customisation of your software even more.

As well as creating software specifically built for your business, we launch it, implement it into your business, and thoroughly train your staff so that both you, your team and your revenue benefit from it.

There’s no need to worry about hidden costs, or expenses blowing out of proportion, either. When you work with DONE, your job’s overall price is agreed upon upfront, so you stay in complete control of your spending.

When you work with us, you’re not just buying a product. You’re investing in innovation as a core value of what your business does. We make this investment in innovation and create a digital product that connects your staff, stakeholders, partners, and most importantly, your customers, with what they need.


What are some examples of dedicated software?

Some common examples of custom-built software include software designed to store, modify and remove cookie data. With the implementation of GDPR in recent years and ongoing changes to regulations, this type of software needs to be created and maintained to make it easier for data to be kept private, secure, and easily accessed for maintenance.

Custom software can also be created to work in conjunction with hardware. For example, sensors placed on a person’s body to monitor temperature, blood flow, or oxygen levels need software to show the sensors’ information. This software needs to be customised entirely for the purpose, as there may not be readily available software to work with the specific hardware.

Does my company need custom software?

If your company needs software that’s dedicated to a specific purpose, and a basic framework isn’t available elsewhere, then dedicated business software is the most advantageous solution to your problem. Any features can be developed and fine-tuned to help users in the best possible way.