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How much does it cost to create a website?

Published: 14 January 2021

Websites differ in size and content volume which determine the web price. For example, will you need a domain name and web hosting? If you already have them, the web price is lower. If we need to reserve a domain name and set up web hosting services, the web price increases. The same goes for adding images, tables, and web pages.

Web Price

You have the right to ask “How much does it cost to create a website?” But, only the simple basic web developers provide flat fees. There is a big difference between a basic website with a few pages and simple content compared to a great website.

We take pride in developing great websites. That’s because we want our clients to become successful online. Developing a great website takes more time and effort. But, pays back with better user experiences and higher search engine rankings (SERPs) helping to attract more visitors and greater profits.

To answer your question about web prices, we must explain the factors affecting costs. Here are the main factors that we use to create a website that affects the web price:

Project Research

Before we create a website we must research your products or services industry. Knowing about your industry helps us to understand your products and services. Our research also includes finding ways to increase your website’s SERPs.

This includes viewing your top competitors according to Google rankings. What we learn from them helps us to improve your website.

Project Analysis

Our analysis of your top competitors gives us insights about how to make your website better than theirs. Our web creation tries to produce a better website than your competitors.

The secret to higher Google and other search engine rankings is to provide better answers to search questions than the others.

Website Development

Web development is very important. We strive to create your website in a way to attract potential visitors’ attention so they visit your website and make their user experience fulfilling.

Web design uses different skills and tools to produce and maintain websites. Some of the tools we use include graphic design, proper coding, user interface design, and proprietary software. Also, conceptualizing, planning, and arranging quality content.

Consider our web development like a top chef at a fancy restaurant creating a meal that not only looks appealing but tastes great too.

Proper web development takes extra time leading to a higher web price.

WWW Page Making

Our www page making services involve several important steps.

Producing web pages and your entire website from scratch involves web creation. This means testing each web page to eliminate errors and maximize functionality. A broken website that does not function properly will turn visitors away and rank poorly with SERPs. No one wants to purchase broken products or services.

We make sure every web page opens quickly so visitors don’t wait. We test every button and Click function so they work. We create stable and reliable websites.

Every website project presents unique challenges depending on the product or services industry. For example, a website for home improvement services differs from a doctor’s website. Thus, our web creation services adjust to the expectations and demands of your products or services.

Our www page making requires innovation, solving technical problems, and providing a website that functions for you and your visitors. That’s the essence of web creation. That’s the formula for a website’s success.

WWW page making requires time leading to higher web prices.

Web Design

We strive to make your website unique and appealing to your visitors. Our web design takes into account your industry standards along with providing a good user experience for your visitors.

Web design is similar to an architect’s plans to design a home with different rooms and an appealing front entrance and a useful backyard. When you see our initial web design, you may ask for changes and additions like a new homeowner consulting with the architect. We aim to provide you with satisfaction in your new website.

We want to build you a great website! Not a simple basic website which won’t help your business. We take pride in our websites.

Great web designs take more time which increases the web price.

Content and Images

Google and the other search engines regard quality content as King. The purpose of search engines is to find the best answer for every search question. It all begins with quality content. We use experienced content writers who produce high-quality content.

Images also catch visitor’s attention while making the content easier to understand. No one likes reading a thousand words without some images to break up the content.

Did you know that every online image requires an “alternative text” (alt tag) hidden in the image to let search engines know what the image is about? Alt tags help your SEO for higher SERPs.

Web design requires good content and helpful images so viewers understand what the web page entails. The number of words and images all affect the web price.

Tables and Lists

To make the website more attractive, it is also worth adding a table or lists. Visitors seek answers to their questions. Rather than the continuous text, we recommend adding lists and tables to amplify the content.

According to digital marketing experts, Google rewards sites with tables and lists with higher search rankings. Especially with their desirable Google Featured Snippet taking up the top 1/3 of search results page leading to more visitors.

Additional tables and lists take time which also increases the web price.

Getting Your Website Onto the Internet

After we design the web pages and add content, images, lists, and tables we need to create a Call To Action (CTA). This encourages visitors to purchase your products or services.

The CTA may appear on every web page. Also, in banners and pop-up ads within the web pages asking visitors to Click Here to see the purchase page.

Your most important web pages are the Contact Us and the Purchase Page (or shopping cart). Visitors need to know who you are, why your products or services are better, how to contact you, and make purchases. The purpose of your website is to sell.